A Review of Selected ELT Writings

Summaries of interesting topics in ELT books and articles


Hello everyone!

The purpose of this site is simple. I am currently studying for an MA in TESOL and I have a lot of reading to do. What I do on this site is to summarise key texts that I have read. Why?

Firstly, I recognised some time ago that it is easy to have the details of what you read fade in the memory, especially with more difficulty work. By creating a record of what I read I force myself to articulate the key points and preserve it for later reference.

Secondly, by posting it online there is a real incentive to get it right!

Thirdly, it is my hope that what I write may be of interest to someone somewhere, be they taking an MA themselves or just wanting to broaden their knowledge of TESOL.

There is very little of my own opinion on here. Most of what I write will be summaries of the respective authors’ views. If you find anything interesting, please buy the book – there are links at the end of each post. You can find an index of topics on the right sidebar >>>

Please enjoy the site and please do email me with any comments.



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